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photographs of women in the act of labour in their actual place of work.Problem of the woman who, after being a recent mother, rejoins


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“Diosas Madres” is a project directed by Ana Rius Roger, mother to a girl and a boy. She currently runs educational workshops for young girls about menstruation. In her working life she is a qualified lawyer.

The project in question will be a series of photos inspired by the style of Renaissance paintings featuring women and demonstrating the power they have in the creation of human life. As women need to have a job in order to survive within our consumerist society, the works will highlight the contrast between the transcendental act of giving birth and the routine of daily working life.

The series will consist of 12 photographs of women in the act of labour. The models who will be featured are women who work **and some of the photos will be set in their actual place of work.**

Some of the professions which will be featured are: a chef, a secretary, a gardener, a doctor, a waitress, a fire fighter, a cleaner, a lawyer

The photographers will be Leonardo Galanti (photographer and chef), Ana Rius (director of this project) and Paula Losada (photographer, actress and dancer) and

The timeline for completing the project will be between August and September to take the photos and afterwards they will be printed and there will be an exhibition.


The project comes from a reflection on the current disconnection between being a person in western society (with all that entails) and Nature. The work also is intended to draw attention to the lack of care and respect offered to women who have recently given birth. It is often the case these days that women give birth without really appreciating that it is a powerful, ancestral act, that also connects us with our animal instincts.

With this project the director wishes to show the duality a woman feels and experiences after giving birth; going through such a physically powerful and spiritual process and shortly afterwards, being confronted with the all-encompassing world of materialism and daily working life.

The director believes strongly that the act of labour is a rare moment of connection between the divine and the earthly. And that an experience so powerful requires a certain amount of time to fully assimilate. Women instead of being shown the respect, time and help needed after such an act, they are often forced to relegate this experience to their subconscious and continue trying to live their previous life; returning to work under the same conditions they had before after so much has changed. This can create a serious internal battle. So often during this time women can battle not only with the swift reentry to working life but with the expectations of others (regarding care of new-born baby) and their own instincts which may sometimes clash. Such a significant change in a woman´s life can often lead to problems for a woman and her mental and physical health.

The project could also be considered a critique of the amount of time permitted to women in Spain for their maternity leave, which is currently set at 3.69 months.


LThe photos are inspired by the style of Renaissance paintings featuring women and demonstrating the power they have in the creation of human life. As women need to have a job in order to survive within our consumerist society, the works will highlight the contrast between the transcendental act of giving birth and the routine of daily working life.

The photos are inspired too of the work "Birth Undesturbed " de Natalie Lennard

“Nativity” de Natalie Lennard “Birth Undisturbed”
“Nativity” de Natalie Lennard “Birth Undisturbed”

How you can Help…

Various elements and actions will be required in order to carry out the project “Diosas Madres” :

Obtaining the necessary material for each photograph, searching for and renting spaces in which to take the photos, looking for different models for each photograph. This plus further preparations increase the cost of the project considerably. That why we need your help to finance this ground-breaking project.

We offer rewards to all our patrons! Apart from receiving your reward, you will have earned the huge thanks from the entire team for having helped make this project, in which we will have invested so much time, effort and enthusiasm, become a reality. And you will also have contributed to giving importance and recognition to the plight of women and the sacrifices they make to continue contributing to society after having given life to a human being.

Fragment of one of the pilot photographs of the project
Fragment of one of the pilot photographs of the project

What rewards can you get?

We have prepared various rewards for those who decide to contribute to the project.

The more you can contribute, the greater the reward!

National shipping included (SPAIN). For international shipping email: tallertuluna@gmail.com

The rewards for contributors will be sent in February 2023.

How can you make a contribution?

Thank you very much! You have decided to lend us a hand to make this project a reality!

To start the process, select the category you like the most and click continue. Remember that each category has different rewards, so make sure you choose the category that contains the ones you want!

Then you must provide your bank details to make the contribution. There are two payment methods:
. Bank card: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro cards are accepted.

. Bizum: You must have the service activated in the app of your bank, and have the Bizum key to be able to make purchases from electronic stores.

In both cases, the contribution will be collected at the time of making the payment and will be returned in the event that the planned objective is not reached.

Our team

Our talented team is made up of women from different areas of the arts, who have believed in the project and decided to contribute their vision and experience to help bring it to fruition.

On board we have:
. Ana Rius Roger, creative director of the idea and the project, production and art director.
. Valèria Cuní, assistant of production and art director.
. Leonardo Galanti, Ana Rius and Paula Losada, photographer.
. Ana Rius, Paula Losada and Leonardo Galanti, photographer, editor.
. Kristiana Godfrey. English contact and translator and assistant of director.
. Anna “scorpioangel”, local artist.
. Special mention to Natalie Lennard, creator of the “Birth Undisturbed” project that has served as inspiration for the creation of this “Diosas Madres” project.
. Models: Kristiana Godfrey,Blanca Rissech, Célia Hernánde, María Vila, Ana Rius, Mireia Escoda...

. Acknowledgements: Martín Assessors S.L (El Masnou), Bar Restaurant l'Amistat (Premià de Mar, Supermercado "SuperPreu" (El Masnou)

. Reborn baby artist, Neus Garcia, Michy Wallapop.

Umbilical cord artist, Alexandra Sánchezmi (Arte Reborn)

What are we going to do with your contributions?

Approximately 20% of your donations go directly to Verkami rewards and taxes. The remaining 80% goes to cover production costs, and this is where you really help us! Broadly speaking, the money will be distributed as follows:

23% Art direction.

25% Transportation.

30% Material and locations.

22% other expenses.

Expected schedule

Calendario previsto

EThis project and its initial idea, was born with the first new moon of this year 2022. From the moment the idea was manifested, it has been growing and taking shape every time it was shared with the different women who are part of the project.

Currently we have assembled the team and we have everything on track for the final stretch, towards its materialization, consisting of the realization of the series of photographs. It is now that we are preparing all the necessary elements to make the project a reality. Now is the time that we really need your help to be able to carry it out!

The photographs will be taken between the months of August and September of this year and once they are done they will go to post-production, we estimate that they will see the light at the end of the year.

The rewards for contributors will be sent from February 2023.

More information.

We will be updating this page as we have news about the project! You can also find us on Instagram or write us a message at:


Thank you powerful women!!!

We hope that this project will serve to provide a more complete vision of women and help them to be understood in this powerful and special process such as motherhood!


The “Diosas Madres” Team.

Instagram del proyecto: @diosasmadresproject


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