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El primeru | Uruna

Uruna released an album. "El primeru" (The first one). Can you give us a hand?


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What is Uruna?

Investigators say that the temperature in the depths of the cavities of the interior of the earth is perfectly stable, marking the average temperature of that point. For this reason when we peek into the mouth of a cavity in good weather we notice a cold air, which our people have always called uruna.

The uruna, the air of the earth, is the result of a perpetual cycle and when we perceive it we internally feel the stillness of time.

The musicians Mariu Torre and Raúl Molleda come from having played in other folk and traditional music groups such as Gatu Malu, Bruma Folk, Luétiga, Brez, Bozainas del Juncu and La Flor y los Romeros. One fine day we found ourselves in a case similar to that of the uruna: we wanted to circulate for a long stretch deep in the earth to come out with our own fresh air. And here we are.

El primeru ("The first one")

It will be a family record for those who like the classic folk sound and traditional Cantabrian melodies.

We set out to find a sound for our popular music, deliberately ignoring what the musicians previously advised us.

We take good note of the tendencies and ways of proceeding in the folk to be able to reject of them properly. And we hope you like it.

About the rewards

We offer you several lots to collaborate in the edition of "el primeru" as you see fit; Of course, save yourself from looking for the one that includes the well-known "Tote bag" because we were very aware of remembering to forget it at all times.

Loti Cuvíu
Loti Cuvíu

The rewards are titled by different denominations that receive the little edifices that in the past were used by the Pasiegos to keep cold products such as cheeses and butter, taking advantage of the uruna of cavities and springs.

Un cuvíu
Un cuvíu

What will we use your contributions for?

All proceeds will go to cover the production and editing costs of "el primeru". To do this, we set a minimum target of €2,500.

The album will have twelve tracks and will be released in digipack format with a twelve-page color booklet.

"El primeru" will be a self-produced album, recorded in Trieme Studios and mixed and mastered in Palomar Studios by the third leg of the tripod that makes up Uruna, our sound technician Baldo Bañuls.

Planned schedule

Today we are fully involved in the studio, both in recording and mixing tasks.

We would like to have the album finished in the month of April and be able to deliver all the rewards to you in May or June at the latest.

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  • LAJT


    6 months

    Que salga el gatuuu !! 🤣🤣

  • Marta Romero

    Marta Romero

    6 months

    Gracias por hacer lo que hacéis!

  • Susana


    7 months

    Que ya llegáis!!!!

  • Susana


    7 months

    I LOVE Uruna 💚

  • Sandra Celorio Garcia

    Sandra Celorio Garcia

    7 months

    A disfrutarlo!!

  • Anabel Casais Montes

    Anabel Casais Montes

    7 months

    A darle caña!!! ^^

  • _danitu


    7 months
    • ¿Bailo bien, cagigu?

    • Claru que sí, ¡¡júpili caraju!!

  • Paulu Lobete

    Paulu Lobete

    7 months

    "Cumu'l rambo de turieno ensin razon anguna,

    parapetáu nel mi chamizu ascuchando Uruna" Jarcia Suciu

  • Diegu Trenti

    Diegu Trenti

    7 months

    Lo que nicisitís. Están los Médici, los Sfoza, y dimpués los San Gabriel, a otru livel.

  • Vichugr


    7 months

    Calanti cola tradición! Yeeeguaaa!

#04 / Listu calistu!

Vos acabamos de mandar un mail col enlaci a la escarga digital.

Deseando que vos allegui cumu es dibíu, quedamos a la vuestra disposición por si tenís cualisquier problema.

Informavos tamién de que hui juevis día 9 de juniu el muestru distribuior Chema Torre, de FAK Récords, escumenzará colos invíos, polo que mui prontu tendrís "El primeru" en casa.

Y ya sabís, isti viernis 9 y sábadu 10 daremos los primeros cunciertos en Solaris (Parqui del Ferial a las ochu) y Unquera (Paseu Marítimu a las sieti) respectivamenti.

Si te animas, allí mos vemos.

Un abrazu y gracias otra vez.

#03 / Ya vieni!

Vos informamos de que la semana que vien, escomenzaremos a enviavos las vuestras recompensas.

Aprovechamos tamién a mandavos las fechas de los primeros cunciertos, enos que podréis recoger la recompensa peresonalmenti si así molo endicáis n'estos días.

Un abrazu!

Cunciertos de juniu
Cunciertos de juniu

#02 / Adelantu


Vos iscribimos pa decivos que el discu ya está caminu de la fábrica y pa confirmavos que pa finalis de mes u primeros de juniu recibirís las vuéstras recompensas.

Pa que la espera no se vos haga mui larga aquí va un adelantu, nel que mos acompaña Javier Román (Javi El Niñu) cola voz y col vigulín.

Un abrazu!

El clavel que tú me disti | Uruna (ft. Javier Román)

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