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🔴 L U M I N O S I T Y - our reflection of light in music

A fearless expression of music: contemporary and classical CD with traditional, jazz and pop influences by the emerging ConnecTrio artists.


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Budapest, Hungary
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The emerging artists (Dominika, Veronika, and María), together in ConnecTrio, are presenting their new and first album: Luminosity. A reflection of light in music, mirroring all their work as multi-arts performers.

💫 This album of contemporary and classical music with traditional, jazz and pop influences, is named after a work by the contemporary polish composer, Tomasz Golinski: Luminosity. The album explores the concept of light in a contemporary way through music. Light as a symbol of healing and revealing the unknown, the same as music can be.

🔥 By this album, ConnecTrio wishes to encourage current artists to take risks and be brave in their search for their own authentic voice in art.

Luminosity will be an online album
Luminosity will be an online album

➡️➡️➡️➡️ Luminosity will be an online album.

🎵 It will contain music by J.S.Bach, Tomasz Golinski, Arvo Pärt, Laura Ballestrino, Dominika Ács, Edith Piaf, Scarlatti, Krisztián Oláh and traditional tunes; as well as own songs, improvisations and arrangements.

🎧 This great selection will be recorded by the releaser Hunnia Records and will count on the great Finnish producer, Kristine Botros.

💸💵 The money from this crowdfunding page will cover the recording and production costs of the album. In case of overpassing the goal, a limited vinyls edition might be produced.

🎁❤️Special rewards for patrons and sponsors!❤️🎁

Special rewards for patrons and sponsors!
Special rewards for patrons and sponsors!

Already grateful for your support! But as a sign of gratefulness special rewards will be given to the patrons in this page.
❗️ If you are a musician, you can ask for Connectrio arrangements from this list for free.

❗️ If you want to colaborate in our crowfunding in any other ways, contact us!

Depending on your contributions you might get:

🟢 P A T R O N #1 candle ~ 5€
+ Early access to the album: you will be among the first ones who can listen to the album!
+ Free entrance to the presentation event of the album, which might be in 2024 in Budapest.

🟠 P A T R O N #2 torch ~ 10€
+ Dedicated video: connectrio will create a personal video for you expressing our gratitude.
+ Free digital download: you can download the songs for free.
+ Patron 1 rewards.

🔴 P A T R O N #3 lightning strike ~ 20€
+ Access to behind the scenes material: making of, vlogs, the process,... You will be able to follow the process in a closer and more detailed way.
+ Patron 2 rewards.

🔵 P A T R O N #4 moon ~ 50€
+ *Special acknowledgment in social media: a story mentioning you will be posted in ConnecTrio’s account and will be highlighted in their profile.
+ Patron 3 rewards.

🟡 P A T R O N #5 star ~ 100€
+ Dedicated cover: you can choose one of your favourite songs and ask for a cover by ConnecTrio.
+ Patron 4 rewards.

🟣 S P O N S O R sun ~ 300€
+ Logo in the libretto of the album: together with the artistic and visual identity of the trio, your logo will appear in the libretto and in our website or social media.

⭐️ConnecTrio is:⭐️

ConnecTrio is: María, Dominika and Veronika
ConnecTrio is: María, Dominika and Veronika

🔴 Three female emerging artists who make music in an innovative way. Trained as classical musicians, they also have other influences, as traditional, jazz and pop music. Check the dossier here.

Dominika Ács
Dominika Ács

  • Dominica Ács: hungarian flutist, singer, multi-art creator-performer. Amazingly enthusiastic about art and creating. She’s the one who grabs together these female artists to work together. Her Instagram.

    Veronika T-Potzner
    Veronika T-Potzner

  • Veronika T-Potzner: hungarian classical multi-percussionist. She provides quality music played on a constantly growing amount of percussion instruments. Veronika creates through the unusual sounds produced by percussions a unique athmosphere. Her Instagram.

    María Valverde
    María Valverde

  • María Valverde: spanish pianist and multi-instrumentalist. Sponatenous and hilarious member of the trio. Also the mind behind great part of the arrangements. Her Instagram.

💸The costs of our project:💸

The money from this crowdfunding page will cover the following costs:
💵 Recording with Hunnia Records
💵 Meeting Kristine Botros, the producer in Finnland
💵 Transporting the percussion instruments, costs of petrol, …
💵 (+) If the goal is overpassed, the possibility of producing a limites edition of vinyls will be considered.

📅 When??📅

🕞 Recording with Hunnia records in August.
🕞 Meeting Kristine Botros, the producer in December.
🕞 Release of the album in April 2024.
🎁 Rewards not related to the album itself, will be sent in December. Right on Christmas Time!

❤️ Thank you very much for your support!❤️

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Also check out our videos on YouTube!

L I G H T - M U S I C

From this connection - light-music -, ConnecTrio explores the duality of shade and light, how different the colors, shapes and intensities of light can be, what the inner light means, and how the world gives brightness. It can be a force that gives security, but at the same time it can be destructive and dangerous. They connect to this diversity through the program, where they try to create a unity through several genres, from baroque to contemporary, from improvisation to jazz.


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  • Alfredo López Torres

    Alfredo López Torres

    3 months

    ¡Ánimo y mucha suerte! Llegaréis tan lejos como lejos vuelen vuestros sueños.

  • Pablo


    3 months

    Que lleguéis muy lejos! 😘🎵

  • Blanca Nieto

    Blanca Nieto

    4 months

    Ya tenemos ganas de escucharlo!

  • Connectrio


    4 months

    ¡¡Muchísimas gracias, María!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • mariacromero


    4 months

    Mucha suerte chicas!!!!

  • Connectrio


    4 months

    Enrique, ¡¡muchas gracias!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Enrique Bonete

    Enrique Bonete

    4 months

    Deseo que esta semilla crezca

  • Enrique Bonete

    Enrique Bonete

    4 months

    Deseo que esta semilla crezca

  • Enrique Bonete

    Enrique Bonete

    4 months

    Deseo que esta semilla crezca

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