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Ana Kann Alles - short film

"Ana Kann Alles" (Ana can everything) is a short-film about Ana, a young women trying to navigate between her faith and her sexuality.

Loida García

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ANA (23) is in the Refugio Cafe, a cafe that is part of a Christian nonprofit where she works with refugees in Berlin. During a team meeting she is part of an activity where she shares how she is doing. Ana says that her relationship with God “is going well”, but that she is afraid of the future, of messing up. At this moment, she sees BIBI (25), a young modern-looking Iranian woman whom she cannot take her eyes off of while the group is praying for her.

After the meeting, Ana stays at the Cafe where a German themed party is being held. There, Sophia, one of Ana's coworkers, tells her that Bibi is going to be deported soon since there is no armed conflict in her country, Iran.

Later on, Ana meets Bibi at the drink table. Bibi writes Ana’s name on a paper cup, but instead of writing “Ana Canales”, she writes “Ana Kann Alles”, which in German has the same pronunciation but means “Ana can do everything”.

From there, Ana decides to help Bibi avoid her deportation, while she learns to deal with all the emotions and the doubts she has about God.


The project stems from my personal experiences while living in Germany between 2014-2017, when the refugee crisis broke out in Europe and Germany had an open-door policy.

To give you context, I have grown up in a Christian family, and on a personal level I understood and embraced the faith at the age of eighteen. When I entered college, a new world opened up in front of me, which brought many questions and doubts about my identity. With that crisis of faith I went to Germany after graduation. In Germany, I felt I had to choose between following the God I had deeply believed in, and the life I wanted to live. It wasn’t until I began to be honest with both my emotions and my faith that I saw that it was not incompatible to invite God into the chaos of my emotions and longings.

It has been in my heart to tell a story that speaks to the Christian faith in an honest way, without falling into the stereotypical cliches, which are usually used. As a Christian, I hardly feel represented in movies, and that’s why I want to tell something that flees from the simplicity of black and white, and navigates in the grayscale. The story doesn’t want to give a moral lecture.

That is why Ana chooses everything, meaning that she doesn't choose between God and her sexuality, but she invites the God she believes in into her doubts and longings. And that brings her the love and transcendence that she needs.


LOIDA GARCÍA - Screenwriter and director from Barcelona. She has mostly worked on music videos and short film projects, combining it with her career in advertising. Her projects, always self-managed, have given her the freedom to grow in style and in her own language with which she wants to undertake her first big short film.


MIQUEL RUBIS - Director of photography from Barcelona. He has worked in advertising, music videos and short films. His natural and magical style are the perfect combo to materialize Ana Kann Alles.


ALKE GESSLER - Producer based in Berlin

Owner of an independent film production company based in Berlin – specially designed for international collaborations with a focus on environmental and sociocultural matters.

TEODORA DJUKARIC - Producer She has worked in fiction and documentary productions on television and film. Her latest work for Netflix here.

JONAS DANNECKER - Musician, composer and producer from Munich. He has worked for over ten years writing and producing music. His style combines the analog with electronic. A lover of Bach, it makes him the perfect person to develop a soundtrack for the story.


Actress from Barcelona based in Berlin, known for Mantícora (Carlos Vermut, 2022) y La Chica Invisible (Disney, 2022) In 2023 she was nominated as “Breakthrough Actress” Goya Award (Spain's main national annual film awards) for her role in Mantícora.


The project is in pre-production. We have the technical and the artistic team confirmed, and also the locations where we are going to film in Berlin. We will be collaborating with Refugio Cafe to film in their space, the one that inspired the cafe in the short film

CALENDAR _____________________________

MARCH - JULY - Financing

AUGUST - Production / Filming

AUGUST - OCTOBER - Postproduction


2024 - Distribution in Festivals


The money raised will be used to cover:

  • the costs of the filming: rental of technical equipment, locations, wardrobe and art department...

  • postproduction

  • the promotion of the short, to be able to move it and access all possible spaces

  • to pay rewards.


Invest in our project, and get lovely stuff! More information in the rewards section.


Thank you for reading all of this, and for being interested in this project. You can help us make it happen by donating and sharing it.



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  • sarahgrunder


    4 months

    que emocionnnn!!!

  • Alvaro y meri

    Alvaro y meri

    4 months

    Loi, creemos en lo que haces!!!

  • Kari


    4 months

    Yo también quiero ser parte!!! Muy orgullosa de ti!!



    4 months




    4 months




    4 months

    Queremos que esto pase =)

  • Aina V.V.

    Aina V.V.

    4 months

    Molta sort! Té molt bona pinta!!!

  • KMI


    4 months

    Valienteeee <3

  • Tamar


    4 months

    A tope!



    4 months

    Creemos en lo que estás haciendo Loida =) - JCUM BCN

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