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Desenllaçant es un programa de debate social donde nuestros actores intepretan diferentes puntos de vista en nuestra sociedad


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Desenllaçant, a program where we discuss controversial issues in which you are involved


The rewards that we will give will be for things related to the project, we will explain them one by one below:

-Stickers: Stickers with the logo and iconic phrases of the characters.

-Tote Bag: It is a cotton bag where there will be a random phrase from a character, or if you want a specific one you can contact us through our instagram (@desenllaçant). The sentences will be: 1.) Only you are responsible for your own story. 2.) The fag desenllaçant. 3.) I watch feminist porn. 4.) It is best to accept that we are not perfect. 5.) Don't forgive, I'm straight. 6.) How would you like people to remember you? // The text will be made by hand and will be written in Valencian, except for 6.

-Desenllaçant Painting: It is a unique square canvas since when painting it we will also paint it, in any case they will continue as the same theme. They will be similar to the following photo:

-Surprise bag: The content will be a surprise.

About us?

We are correspondents from the Bellreguard Institute, a town in Valencia.

It all started in 2021, while we were thinking about how we could replace the talks with something more visual. The solution ended up being this project, and although at first we thought of something simpler recorded with our mobile phones' cameras, it ended up becoming something more serious. We started writing scripts, and in January 2022 we finally professionally recorded the first season of the show.

It could easily be summed up in a debate between different personalities in society, obviously not all of them are there and it is quite general, but it could not be done any other way. In the program an evolution of each character is shown and a reflection is made at the end on the exact topic that we have discussed. The themes were: RRSS, feminism, racism and homophobia.

This season it was shown in our institute and in some others in the area, but our intention is to translate it into Spanish with subtitles and be able to show it beyond the Valencian Community.

The purpose was to inform the young people and at the same time that at the end of each program they could debate among themselves, although since they put it in the tutoring hour, we did go several times to classes where they put it and thus we talked with them and answered questions that they made us.

But in the summer of the same year we thought of doing a second season where we could reveal a little more about each character, that is, delve a little deeper into their lives.

We spent months planning everything perfectly, and finally between January and February we recorded it.

A lot of money has already been paid out thanks to grants and activities that we have carried out, but there is still a little more to go, which is why we are here.

What will we use the money for?

€1,200 —> For the production team.
€300 —> For advertising.

Expected schedule:

As we have already commented before, the program is recorded, it is only necessary to finish paying a certain part to the production team and do the advertising.

The rewards would be sent out in July, and we would like to be able to get the funding by June.

Brief explanation of the characters:

CARLA: She has great knowledge in politics and hates opinions contrary to hers. In this second season we will be able to know a part of her that influences her character and that has always been hidden.

NOAH: He is a boy with an open mind, and his weak point is Carla, since they are polar opposites. Last season it served them to empathize with each other. (Neither bad is so bad nor is good so good.)

AINNA: It's the sheep following fashions, a bimbo. Very pretty face but lacking in intelligence. But in this season he teaches us how he really is and his problems.

IZZIE: He's a brainiac and a huge computer fan. He hates fake news and loves to inform others. It is a great example of improvement and we can see it this season.

FINA: It is the revelation of this second season. He is a person who speaks from the political opinion known as the left. She stomps in and everyone will learn something from her.

JESSICA: She's the host of the show, she asks the questions. She starts conflicts and ends them. Who needs an Arturo Valls, a Chicote or a Pepe when you have Jessica?


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