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Get Over It (Supéralo)

How many times have you thought that what you had just left behind and what is awaiting you ahead are not what you truly need?

Jaime Mateo Barroso

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Get Over It (Supéralo) is a shortfilm which aims to capture a fragment of reality that everyone could have experienced from a personal point of view or as a friend.


Vicky, 26 years old, is coming out from a break-up and she is stuck in that point in which it is expected from her to move on as quickly as possible, so as not to waste her youth, but an inner weight is preventing her from moving forward. Her best friend, Ángela, is trying to give her the push she needs… or maybe not.

These are just a few questions that hang around the protagonist’s mind. Many times they don’t have a clear answer, which in this fast world, triggers an uncertainty, a pause in life, that leads to a paralyzing crisis.

We are aiming to portrait worldly characters inspired by the realism of reference works such as: The worst person in the world (Joachim Trier), Every song is about me (Jonás Trueba) or Wild flowers (Jaime Rosales).

Why this project

We are aiming to highlight how sometimes we take for granted certain pressures, both external and internal, to quickly get over emotional processes that need time.

In today’s world, there is an urgency to fill up our lives and we are scared of moments alone which are so necessary every now and then. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to do nothing.

This project comes from a personal interest of writer and director Jaime Mateo who -in this second short film- is trying to expose a feeling experienced from both in and outside.

It originates from the observation of how many times we put ourselves in situations we don’t want to, just for the reason that we think the outer world needs no stopping for us, so we must reject our moments of weakness, acting totally against our own feelings.

Who are we

We are a group of young filmmakers trying to put all of our previous experience from short films as well as documentaries and videoclips, to give life to this story.

Having shared a great deal of shootings and hours in the set, we know each other to the point at which we know how to get the best out of our teammates.

Film Crew
Film Crew


Vicky (protagonist)

Sara Valbuena
Sara Valbuena

Ángela (Vicky’s best friend)

Layla Quintana
Layla Quintana

Lucas (Vicky's ex)

Álex Fernández
Álex Fernández

Mario (has just met Vicky)

Jose Luis Hijón
Jose Luis Hijón

Get exclusive rewards

All the pledges will have a reward, and they will be cumulative as the contribution increases.

From the moment you make a contribution, you will become part of the project and thus your name will appear in the credits.

With some of the most exclusive rewards you will get to meet the team. Don't miss the opportunity of securing a seat at the premiere, or attending to one day of the shooting to live uniquely the creation process of the film you are part of. (Travel or lodging expenses are not covered).

Top reward
Top reward

The top award will be a credit as Associate Producer. In this case, your name or brand’s name will appear in the credits.

Lastly, we want to remark that we will try as far as possible to give in hand the physical rewards. If that were not possible, we will send them by post mail. (Mailing costs only included to peninsular Spain, for other destinations the recipient will have to cover the costs).


As in previous projects, the main goal is to get the maximum diffusion as possible, not only in Spain but also internationally. Trying to repeat and broaden the previous participation in festivals such as Cinema4Screen or Cortos con ñ.

What will the pledges be used for

We have an estimated budget of 3000 euros, a third of which will be self-financed. For the rest we need your indispensable support to make this project come true.

The budget presented is the minimum necessary to carry out the production of the film, but the higher sum we get the more we will be able to invest in improving the final quality, especially in post-production services.

Planned schedule

  • Pre-production: April – May 2023

    • Rehearsals
    • Locating
    • Script breakdown
    • Art and photography breakdown
  • Shooting: June 2023

  • Post-production: June – October 2023

  • Premiere and distribution: October 2023

We estimate that all the rewards (except those of the premiere) will be fully distributed by the end of September, after the summer break.

+ Info

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  • Jaime


    4 months

    Este director sabe tratar muy bien los temas sensibles.

  • Jaime


    4 months

    Me ha parecido un proyecto muy interesante, con un director y unos actores muy prometedores

  • Ana Balas

    Ana Balas

    4 months


  • Ana Balas

    Ana Balas

    4 months


  • Ana Andrade Hita

    Ana Andrade Hita

    5 months

    Ánimo chicos , esto está conseguido



    5 months


#02 / Rodaje finalizado!

¡Hola a todos!

Queremos comunicaros que hemos finalizado las 5 jornadas de rodaje con éxito y con muy buenas sensaciones.

Ha habido mucha concentración para sacarlo todo adelante con la mayor calidad posible, pero también ha habido risas, muy buen ambiente de trabajo e incluso alguna que otra lágrima tímida de emoción durante las escenas más emotivas.

Queremos informaros también de que hemos conseguido cumplir la predicción inicial de presupuesto, quedando intactas las reservas para la promoción y distribución del corto y un pequeño remanente para emplear en tareas de post-producción.

A continuación, durante el mes de julio se iniciará la edición y montaje del corto y esperamos poder estar a la vuelta de verano iniciando la última fase de edición de sonido, color y banda sonora.

Os mantendremos informados del progreso y nos morimos de ganas de poder compartir los resultados con todos vosotros.

¡Muchas gracias de nuevo por haber hecho esto posible!

Equipo técnico visualizando una de las escenas en el monitor
read more

#01 / Proyecto en marcha!

¡Hemos finalizado la campaña con éxito, alcanzando nuestro objetivo gracias a la contribución de todos vosotros!

Por ello, de parte de todo el equipo:
¡MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS! Por vuestro apoyo y por creer en el proyecto y el equipo. Habéis hecho que esto sea posible.

Además, este fin de semana hemos arrancado el rodaje, completando 2 jornadas de las 5 totales que finalizarán el próximo domingo día 25. De momento cumpliendo con el plan y con un ambiente y trabajo estupendo de todo el equipo a pesar del calor que ya ha empezado a apretar.

Os iremos informando de todos los avances del rodaje para que no perdáis detalle.

De momento os compartimos un par de fotos de estas dos primeras jornadas.

Set: terraza bar
Set: terraza bar

Set: baño
Set: baño

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