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Shortfilm "The Colour of Rosa"

The family De La Rosa is in for a dark surprise when their criminal step grandfather invites them on a holiday in one of his homes in Spain

Nuria Francisco

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Why collaborate with The colour of Rosa?

The Colour of Rosa is a final project for the degree in Film Directing at ESCAC, directed by Laura van der Zee. It deals with family values, it is full of suspense, thriller, chaos, love and feelings, with a satirical and funny tone that will not leave you indifferent.

The trajectory of the project is to present it to International Festivals and win an award, of course ;)

How to collaborate?

You can choose the pack that suits you best, depending on what you want to contribute. Get a reward as a patron of the project!

NOTE: If you collaborate by contributing ANY AMOUNT, just for collaborating, you will be able to view the shortfilm exclusively. We estimate that it will be ready before September 2023.

IMPORTANT: The shooting will take place at the end of June, if you choose a pack that includes Exclusive Material from the Making Of (by Instagram) you should pay attention the last week of the month, because it will be on live ;) (although we will leave it recorded so you can see it later too)

What will we invest the contributions in?

  • Location rental, because we would like it to be a "unique summer house"

  • Diets, the crew needs to eat!!

  • Transport, sure we need a van to transport material and move us around location.

  • Rental of material, the best material for the best image and sound!

Who is the creator of the project?

The director and creator of The Colour of Rosa is Laura van der Zee. A Dutch filmmaker, animator and actress. She studied animation design in the Netherlands and the UK. With her first animated short film "Through the Eyes of You" she got selected for several film festivals around the world and nominated for best animation. See more of her work on: www.lauravanderzee.net

The Colour of Rosa is inspired by her own family and deals with family values ​​in those difficult moments that involve separation or family union. The dialogues and the action are full of comic tones with clever humor in a suspenseful atmosphere.

What is the Synopsis?

The family De La Rosa is invited to a vacation home in Spain by their criminal step grandfather, as a birthday present for his daughter, Maliah. Maliah doubts whether to accept the offer, because she isn't sure of her stepdads intentions. And it's been a while since they have visited their home country, after moving to London. Finally, although she fears she will find the worst, she accepts the invitation, because she believes that it is a great opportunity for the family, to reconnect and unite again..

More than a Rose, a color:

The holiday that the De La Rosa family is spending together, takes a dark turn. They are placed in a criminal setup by accident. As a result, you start to notice how each of the family members starts to show their true colors.

Some of the family members want to stay far away from the criminal activity, others seem intrigued by it...

¿Do you want more? Characters:

Maliah De La Rosa – The mother in the family (45)

Strong, boyish, but feminine on special occasions. Keeps the family together, strict. Can be insecure about her actions as she tries to everything rather perfectly. She wants the best for her family. The more she can give to them, the better.

Salvador De La Rosa – The father in the family (47)

Patient, quiet, traditional man. Steady in his emotions. He doesn't want to be involved in any crime. He protects his family. Has a steady job as an accountant in London.

Sandra De La Rosa – The oldest daughter (20)

Mature, sensible, caring. She likes to follow her mother's footsteps to keep the pack together, but has lost this ever since she moved out. She doesn't like surprises and freaks out easily.

Milo De La Rosa – The middle child (18)

Brave, mostly minding his own business. Social and talkative whenever around family or friends. Open for new adventures. Curious. Smart. Milo's curiosity sometimes gets the better of him.

Lucy De La Rosa – The youngest daughter (16)

Lucy is a smart girl, who knows what she wants. And when she wants something, she goes for it, all the way. She has a dry and sometimes sinister sense of humor. She's not quickly afraid and finds it very interesting that her step granddad is a criminal.

Marc Salazar – The step grandfather (68)

Cold, direct, hard. After alot of traumatic experiences, he became a shell of a human being. Marc got involved into crime by his son. He's in it for the money (of course). He always wanted to keep Maliah's family away from the crime, or does he really?


June: Verkami campaign

End of June: Shooting

July and August: Editing and postproduction time

September: Reward delivery to patreons

Which colored rose will you be?

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  • Agaath


    3 months

    Grandma says All The Best!

  • Pieter


    3 months

    Van Opa

  • RianJeroen


    3 months

    Veel succes!

  • Arman


    4 months

    Go Laura!

  • Mariskaz


    4 months

    Good luck, I'm sure it will be amazing. Can't wait!

  • Hessel


    4 months

    Good luck!

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