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3er Festival Cabanyal Íntim

Cabanyal Íntim is an urban and independent festival that specializes in intimate, close up and experimental pieces. It takes place over a weekend inside the historic homes of El Cabanyal district in Valencia located on the shores of the Mediterranean


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Cabanyal Íntim is an urban and independent festival that specializes in intimate, close up and experimental pieces. It takes place over a weekend inside the historic homes of El Cabanyal district in Valencia, located on the shores of the Mediterranean , the artistic haven of creative artists such as Vicente Blasco Ibáñez or Joaquin Sorolla.

Artistic Itinerary

The Festival annually charts an artistic route through the neighborhood which approaches a theatrical event from a multitude of artistic interpretations. Theater, dance, circus, live music, clown, underground cabaret, mime, video art or poetry is all at home in the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and patios of Cabanyal households.

A route of home theatre , giving life to a dozen pieces of living art, created expressly with the theme of each issue in mind, which lasts no longer than 25 minutes. Fresh, daring work, which moves away from established conventional formulas and languages; which can be experienced in the privacy of real neighbourhood homes 6 to 8 times a day during the weekend. Intimate and domestic spaces, altruistically lent by their owners or tenants, to be transformed for a few days into stages that play host to the first performance of some of the most innovative pieces around.


Organized by Francachela Theatre and the Civic Platform Salvem El Cabanyal, the Festival was created as a social and cultural event, and under this dual commitment has the following objectives:

To offer unprecedented, quality programming, away from the commercial standard, accessible and close up to the public, with affordable prices.

To breathe new life into the Cabanyal neighborhood, officially declared to be “of Cultural Interest” in 1993, with the implementation of a theatrical and performance route to attract citizens, and bring its heritage of unique architecture and houses to the attention of a much wider public, converted into performance spaces during the Festival.

To promote, encourage and give visibility to the creation, research and contemporary stage production that is forged in our community and offer their creators a space to exhibit their work.


The third edition of the Festival will take place in spring, the 26th, 27th and 28th of April 2013 under the theme "celebration of life"; a theme that will be common to all the shows in this year’s program.


Cabanyal Íntim is designed for intellectually eager and curious audiences of all ages-infants, children, youth and adults- wanting new theatre experiences with a desire to support the emerging culture that develops in the city.

The public response to the first edition brought in an audience of over 2.000 spectators, a figure that was doubled in the second edition, managing to attract more than 4.000 people to the festival.


The team of Cabanyal Íntim consists of a group of professionals from various cultural areas. They, along with a group of altruistic supporters, creative artists and volunteers make this pioneer adventure in the Valencian Community possible, bringing performing arts to private homes.

Artistic directors: Isabel Caballero y Jacobo Julio

Production: Sara Sevilla

Press and Communication: Marta and Esther Borcha Melo.

*Now is the time! Support the independent performing arts

Since its inception, self-funding has been the financial model of Cabanyal Íntim; a festival that focuses on the fringe culture, marginalized by traditional power structures and their deficient cultural policies. Since its second edition, the Festival has chosen the formula of co-financing crowdfunding, with which it has covered, thanks to the economic contributions of patrons, the minimum costs of production of the Festival. A model which is still maintained in its third edition- and so we ask for your support again. A collective support that encourages and helps give birth to new productions of quality and ensures the survival and exhibition of independent theatrical creation in Valencia, mistreated and maligned by the current government with their sterile management policies.

Support the Festival Cabanyal Íntim. Now is the time!


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  • Vivi


    over 10 years

    Si el período para hacer aportaciones ha terminado, ¿hay alguna manera de comprar entradas para este fin de semana (27,28 abril)? Gracias!!!

  • cabanyalintim


    over 10 years


    pásate por el punto de información a partir del día viernes 19. de 18.00 a 20.30 horas en C/Sant Pere 35

  • Tizi Shakti

    Tizi Shakti

    over 10 years

    hola , quierrìa saber las fechas , la hora y el lugar en el que se impartirà el workshop de flamenco. NO he llegado a tiempo para comprar las entradas en verkami : puedo contribuir comprando el 19/4?y proyecto habana tambièn?gracias

  • cabanyalintim


    over 10 years


    para los mecenas nos pondremos en contacto con ellos en unos días para explicarles como hacer las reservas. Para el resto de publico será a partir del viernes 19 en el punto de información de Festival C/ Sant Pere, 35. Horario de 18.00 a 20.30

    Un saludo

  • Mar


    over 10 years

    Hola! Cómo puedo hacer para reservar dos entradas para el espectáculo de Paladar Habana? Muchas gracias!

  • cabanyalintim


    over 10 years

    Pedimos un donativo mínimo de 3 euros por espectador y función. A partir del 19 de abril el punto de información (l´Escorxador Carrer Sant Pere, 29) estará abierto para poder dar tu donativo y conseguir tu pase

  • francesc escriva

    francesc escriva

    over 10 years

    Voldria saber com funciona el proyecte per poder col.laborar en posteriors edicions i com podem anar a disfrutar del proyecte algun dia. Es compren entrades o invitacions. Gracietes.

  • cabanyalintim


    over 10 years

    Hola, la programación se hará publica el 9 de abril. Cada invitación te sirve para un espectáculo a una hora determinada. A los mecenas os escribiremos más adelante para explicaros como podéis gestionar vuestras invitaciones y como adquirir alguna más

  • Carolina


    over 10 years

    Hola, he colaborado con el proyecto, cómo puedo conseguir el programa? La idea que llevaba era pasar el día en el Cabanyal y ver algunas actuaciones, pero, ¿es cierto que con una invitación sólo puedes asistir a una?Si quisiera asistir a más de una?

  • cabanyalintim


    over 10 years

    Hola Mrina,

    cada invitacion es para 1 persona, para 1 espectáculo, para la hora que elijas

#01 / Javier Mariscal diseña el logo para el 3er Festival Cabanyal Íntim

Primicia de esta edición es la colaboración de Javier Mariscal, quien de forma altruista ha elaborado el sello de identidad del Cabanyal Íntim y diseñado el cartel de su próxima edición, que se celebrará en Valencia del 26 al 28 de abril. Un regalo de creatividad, generosidad y compromiso con la cultura urbana e independiente, con la que el prestigioso diseñador valenciano muestra su apoyo y respaldo a este proyecto social y cultural nacido a orillas del Mediterráneo.

“El barrio del Cabanyal tiene una fuerte identidad, es el espacio que mantenía el equilibrio entre la huerta y la ciudad, y creo que hay que conservarlo”, señala el polifacético artista al explicar su implicación en el Festival.

Aquí os dejamos el diseño, que además será el utilizado en las camisetas del 3er Festival Cabanyal Íntim.


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