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“EL PANK DE MIS HIJOS”, first album of Dani Fernán

Dani Fernán, songwriter from Cádiz (Andalusia, Spain) has just recorded “El Pank de mis Hijos”, his debut album. Eleven carefully lyrical songs, eclectic and unclassifiable. Want to join the project? Do you want to appear in the album credits and enjoy the benefits of being his sponsor? Let's go!

Dani Fernán

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It is the name of my first album, the only name that has so far championed my solo project. Very far from the "punk" musically, the name gives life and meaning to the taste and critical language of the street rabble, led in this case to different poetic lands and offering another perspective when you understand it. A way of creating songs that moves through several musical genres without marrying anyone, with the spirit of our cosmopolitan time and full of humor and tenderness.


The Pank was recorded at Push Pull Estudios of Madrid, in the month of December 2012. Mixture and mastering is now underway, and so design and other works seconded to the recording. And that's where you come. It's your turn.


After recording the album, the idea of crowdfunding to El Pank stems partly from the lack of funds to meet the expenses of mixing and mastering, the design and the manufacture of the copies.

But there's a lot of "special occasion" here. Since it's my first album, which has been hard and long time from the first idea a few years ago, it seems appropriate to me to make it BEAUTIFUL and also give people the opportunity to participate in this project actively. ** Now it has been recorded as well, I think it's fair to make a good design with quality, and therefore not have to be expensive for prospective buyers.

And so, joining my "need" to do it well with the desire to make the public one of the main promoters of the project, appears the idea of funding through crowdfunding.

I want you to have the album, take me home with you. But what if I also WANT YOU TO BE PART OF IT, THAT YOUR NAME APPEARS ON THE CREDITS, AND ALSO MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL?

This is just the other way around:

1) You bring the value of your advance copy.

2) With the sum of the contributions I can pay the cost required for the manufacture and release of the album.

3) Once I have the Cds finished, I prepare shipments so you can have your own album at home sooner.

And also, there are discount methods, merchandising and other gifts to do it (and do it to me) very special and unique. Have a look on the rewards and you will see that I encourage you...to make you encourage me!

This campaign is another part of the process, another link in the chain of this happiness I am feeling, to see the traces of steps walked and feel proud, knowing that it is going somewhere.

If non-collection provisions would not be the end of the project or anything, but just a wind against overcome. I will do my best and do seek the means to give a dignified exit to this album, lowering costs as much as possible and seeking new sponsorships.

But...ARE YOU THERE? WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THERE? Do you want to make “El pank de mis hijos” the album that so many people want to be like? NOW IS THE TIME, don't forget it.


I intend to have the album available in mid May, so what about those days you would receive your reward at home.

WE HAVE FORTY DAYS TO REACH THE OBJECT. In case we do not get the financing secured, I do not receive your receipts, and you will not charge any fees. The charge on your bank account would be done at the end of term, and only if the project is fully funded.


Best of the album: who we have done it. On one hand I have the satisfaction of having done this production to my songs, in my own way. I have wished to do it like that for a long time. From all this madness is very guilty Fernando Lucini, master of masters and a friend of mine, who has kept me steps forward without letting me stop.

I also have the feeling that my only merit has been enjoying with the talent of the musicians that have come to the studio, listening to them and setting them free, they are the ones who really know how to play. I have given them the plot, the story, the songs, and I've led a common ground which has been giving me each, the essence of each one in the song. For me it has been an amazing experience. I am the father of "those kids (hijos)" and it has been lovely to see them grow and blush.

I consider myself, truthly, lucky to have close these great people, who are also great musicians.

Alejandro Martínez: Keyboards

Juan Rubio “Manin”: Percussion and vocals

Emanuel Pérez “Gato”: Bass

Alejandro Jordá: Drums

Álvaro Ruiz “Pi”: Electric & Spanish guitars

Jovis Fernández: Sax and flute

Manu Clavijo: Violin

Marino Sáiz: Violin

Ínigo Coppel: Harmonica and acoustic guitar

María Rozalén: Vocals

SOUND TECHNICIAN: Carlos Díaz (Pull Push Studios)


... not forgettting, of course, all those people that I have about the hands... Family and friends who support me, Fernando Lucini (the other pillar that holds the castle), Rocio and her lovely company, Álvaro and Petete, all those colleagues who rewrite themselves daily and inspire me, people who inject me life, which are, and those that will be...

... Above all, I want to finish thanking YOU for listening to me, for reading me, for caring me. Make yours my voice, which is my excuse to sing to you. Hope to see you, to continue to see you, always . Here in my hand is all I have.


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  • Joserra


    over 8 years

    Me suenan las vigas de tu cuarto; soportaron muchas de mis noches, si estas te contaran, bonita cortina la del telón de tus nuevos éxitos, suerte con tu disco, hey yo compro el vino pal marisco; ya no puedo ser mecenas, podre hacerte una entrevista?

  • Dani Fernán

    Dani Fernán

    over 8 years

    Gracias, Elena!! Esto ha sido un verdadero gustazo... Besos!!

  • Elena


    over 8 years

    Enhorabuena!!!!!! Lo conseguiste. Muchos besos

  • Dani Fernán

    Dani Fernán

    over 8 years

    jajaja...nos sean gamberro, Besai, la mariscada nos la vamos a comer igual a la salud del retoño y brindando por EL PANK... y la va a pagar, claro está, otro de la familia!! jaja. Besitos

  • Besai Muñoz

    Besai Muñoz

    over 8 years

    WOW Dani! Esto va viento en popa! Olvidate del Disco y con esta pasta nos comemos una buena mariscada por tu sobrino-politico!! - Tu sobrino -

#01 / Queda inaugurado el blog de la campaña para EL PANK DE MIS HIJOS...

...como bien podéis ver en la página del proyecto, hay publicada una premezcla exclusiva de "Mañana", una canción que "creo" que conocéis...

...para que acompañéis la escucha de la versión en estudio, os dejo por aquí el archiconocido vídeo de la misma canción. Para que la llevéis puesta para el resto del día... Con mi familia de Madrid, que son Petete y Álvaro, y en mi casa de Madrid, que es el Libertad 8. Video realizado por Ibra Youssef (casi ná) ... mando besos y más besos...

...por cierto... ¿ME-CENAS?


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