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Beneath the Trees

"Beneath the Trees" is a short documentary about the folk art of storytelling in Ireland. Looking back to a magical place in time, appreciating the purity of the old stories, transporting us to a world of fantasy by a vivid imagination and the power of the spoken word.

Iker Esteibarlanda

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Beneath the Trees is a short documentary about the folk art of storytelling in Ireland. Its origin lies in the ancient oral tradition of passing laws and taboos, heroic epics, wisdom tales and cultural myths from generation to generation. However, today in our modern society it struggles to stay alive.


But it's not only about the storytelling it's also about life, looking back over time to the purity of the old stories. And, of course, an ode to the magical power of storytelling that transports us to different worlds with vivid imagination and the power of the spoken word.


We started this project with our own savings but, unfortunately, we can't afford to finish it. Our documentary has already been produced and your financial contribution would be used for the post-production: sound, colour granding and music.

In return for your contribution you will receive some free gifts. However, they are only available during the fourty day period.

The original soundtrack will be composed by Mikel Salas, who has worked on films like Pure Life and REC3: Genesis. Mikel has also been nominated for the Goya for best original music in Beneath the Stars.

The project idea and preproduction started at the beginning of 2012. It took fourty two days, in five provinces of Ireland, during July and August 2012 to produce the film. If you are interested in knowing details about how the money was spent, then please do not hesitate to ask us.

When will you receive your gifts?

If everything goes as we have planned, we'll start sending them on July.


Can you still contribute if we receive 900€? Yes, you can. We would be very grateful for further contributions as we can use them for the distribution of the documentary to festivals.

Can you provide a different amount of money? Yes, you can. You can send as much, or as little, as you would like to this bank account: 3035 0145 65 1450046941. Please send your details to [email protected] so we can give you your gifts.

There is another way to contribute, through a bank transfer to the same account. If you do it this way, you will receive your gifts too!

What happens if we don't get the 900€? This project will only work if we get that amount, so in the event that we don't, you will receive your money back.

We would like to thank all the people that have been involved in this project, especially for their interest and spreading the message. You can also follow us on Facebook. We look forward to reading your comments and we are happy to answer any questions!


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