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Skyline, it's up there!

Amazing silent theater show with circus and slapstick!! The 30's; NewYork. The Great Depresion, the unemployment, the hunger and the Prohibition discourage the citizens. A few fortunate men are employed to build a skyscraper...

Paula Isiegas

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Skyline, it's up there! is a visual theater choreography of 50 minutes duration.

You'll witness a voyage; from ground to sky, from black and white to color and from tragedy till comedy.

The set design consists in two big beams hanging up in the space and a backdrop showing how we rise up and up and up (in space and color!). The characters, iron workers, will climb from the floor - a black and white present- between the buildings and up to the sky - an utopian future of northern light color-

This creation is inspired in the series of photographs by Charles C. Ebbets (Copyright Bettman Archives, Corbis Corp.), showing the construction of GE building, the 30th of Rockefeller Plaza. That well-known picture of the workers sitting on the beam, having lunch ignoring the vertigo.

Its iconography has a huge echo in the global social imaginary, as it pictures the troubles of the contemporary occidental society in its beginnings; that is something we can easily identify with our current crisis situation. We create from that image and real historic references to imagine the stories of those characters; how they lived, got together and dealt with the daily vertigo of not knowing if you'll make it to get out alive...

Skyline is a metaphor of the current historical moment; that insists in the role of people in society as an agent of change for dealing with the conflicts.

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Artistic team

Director and choreographer: Paula Isiegas

Director's assistant: Valentina Tibaldi


BILL - William Albors

AL - Cecile Audivert

JOE - Pablo López

STU - Gabriel Molina

Paula y Gabi are old partners, since their studies of physical theater in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona. They have been creating shows together since 2008, when they founded with their friend Ireneu the Theater Company Criatures, the platform from where Skyline proyect started back in 2011.

Since then, we have tried hard to make this show happen, we've been helped by lots of great people, now friends, that brought on their art to Skyline. Our deep gratitude to all of them! Our family and friends, to Manel, Eugenio, Juanjo, Albert, Eli, Carmen, Rosa, Sabina, Iván, Ireneu, Jordi....and many more!!

For this firts version we rely on old mates that have worked in the proyect from the very first day; William and Valentina,and with new accomplices, Pablo and Cecile. Each of them come from different worlds; William from dance theater and cinema, Valentina form artistic management, Pablo from physical theater and Cecile from circus.


We have managed to get help from the Junta de Andalucía for making this firts version...but we need your help! This proyect begun two years ago, but, as the characters, the crisis has made us run out of resources...

The team just needs money to survive and move during the creation; that is, house, food and trips. We'll also use part of the money to transport the set desing and make a great video and promotion material for the show, so we can start to support ourselves. We have got till now great opportunities and offers to perform, that we plan to use when the show is done!.


The production has already started :) I've advanced a part of the team expenses since the proyect was accepted to be put on scene back in May, it's been a month since we started the rehearsals with the actors! The technical stuff will be soon ready, we'll star with the tests in the theater from the 15th July in Granada.

The opening of Skyline first version will be the 19th July, in Alfacar theater, in Granada!

The team is already working in the spanish and european tour that will start in January 2014. Patrons will recieve their prizes from the 19 July and the invitations to the performance during the tour will be available since January 2014 and all the year long. Skyline newsletter will keep you informed about the date and place of the upcoming performances of Skyline.


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  • Paz Maynar

    Paz Maynar

    about 10 years

    Querida Paula (soy la amiga de mama) por varias circustancias no he podido escribirte antes,espero puedas leerlo anter de tu estreno .
    !!!!me parece fantastico !!! animo TE LO MERECES.

    un abrazo enorme estare alli aunque no me veas besicos

  • jose andres

    jose andres

    over 10 years

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ eres feliz !!!!!!!!!

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