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As a result of their mother’s death, Adriana and her brothers have to decide her epitaph. How do we resume Mom’s life in one single line? This is what Epitaphs is about, a shortfilm by Maria Ballesteros with Natalia Mateo, Arturo Valls and Francesco Carril, and original song by Joaquin Sabina.

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Epitaphs will be the first short film written and directed by Maria Ballesteros, and it’s main characters will be played by the actors Natalia Mateo, Arturo Valls, Francesco Carril, Teresa Lozano, Alicia Rubio and Teo Planell, it will also count with an original song composed by Joaquin Sabina.

Epitaphs, narrates Adriana’s return to her hometown, due to her mother’s death. There, she will be reunited with her brothers and, together, they will have to come up with an epitaph for her mother. They remember how, last summer, they talked about epitaphs happily and calmly. But it is not the same to talk about epitaphs when there is a dead person in between: Do we or do not we put an epitaph? What would have Mom wanted? How do we resume an entire life in barely a line?

To get an idea of how Epitaphs will be like, you can watch the teaser that we have already shot in this same page.


Epitaphs is the first work by the actress Maria Ballesteros (Princesses, Noise, 8 Dates), but also supposes the return of the activity of the oldest spanish movie production company, Estela Films. Since its foundation in 1948, the company has worked with our country’s best professionals, such as Luis García Berlanga, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Mario Camus or José Luis Cuerda, and it has harvested a variety of awards in festivals around the world.

After some years inactive, the producer’s founder grandson has decided to reactivate Estela Films with this short film, in which he counts with deluxe professionals: besides its well known cast and a solvent and experiences technical team, Joaquin Sabina has liked so much the project that he has deciced to compose the original band, with an original song that has for title They said Adela said it.

The crew is integrated by great professionals, starting with Alfonso Postigo in cinematography (the TV series Crematorio or films such as Pagafantas are some of his latest works). Juan Ferro, who has worked together with Francis Ford Coppola, Alejandro Amenabar, Adolfo Aristarain or Eduardo Mignogna, will be in charge of the sound. Emma Tusell and Miguel Ángel Trudu will be the film editorsm, and the stage designer Anna Tusell (whose curriculum counts with designs for Avenue Q, Burundanga, or the opera Simón Bocanegra, or productions directed by Robert Lepage) will be the art director. Production direction will be in charge of Carmela Martínez Oliart, with Marta Moriarty’s deluxe collaboration. and the executive production will be signed by Felix Tusell.


At the present time, when the economic crisis appears to have become a ghost that prevents us of undertaking new projects, we have thrown ourselves in the movie-making adventure. We have in our side a little great story- one of those stories that, from the particularity, talks about universal themes-, a production company with character, a fully talented crew and, above all, lots of excitement. And this excitement is the cause why the entire team has already been months working free to bring this project to life.

But as it turns out, cinema, besides all these hopes, needs money, and is due to this that we ask for your collaboration. We already have part of the budget, we have applied for a subvention, and we expect to bring in some brand and some television, but we need a minimum of 7.000€ to be able to accomplish our shooting planning at September’s beginning, and to be able to pay the expensive technical material necessary for the short’s realization.

If you add your hope to ours and you bring yourselves to participate, you will count with our profound gratefulness in the credits and with a series of rewards that we detailed in the side. We hope that you like our proposition and that you will decide to collaborate. Thank you very much!


We are really thrilled because in record time we have achieved our first goal: Thank you very much to you all! With these 7.000€ that 50 generous patrons have donated to us, we can guarantee that our short Epitaphs will be shoot in good conditions between the 2nd and the 6th of September, but… what happens now?

As it happens, opposite as it will appear, the fabrication of a movie does not end with the final “Cut”, but it begins an equally important process: the postproduction. During the postproduction, the material obtained during the shooting goes through a series of thechnicals procedures: the image editing, the sound mixing, the colors corrections, the transference to hard drives…expensive technical procedures that will result in the film as it will be enjoyed by the public.

As a result of this, once covert the shooting expenses, we have put ourselves a second goal: To ensure Epitaphs's postproduction, so this little great film will see the light with all the splendor that it deserves.

And we are never tired of saying this…Thank you very much!


As it often occurs in this profession, there have been some changes in the production. The main change is that the actor Raúl Arevalo has been forced to abandon the team: last hour changes in the television series he is presently shooting, Con el culo al aire, make it impossible for him to be available during the shooting scheduled so long ago for September’s first week. So, with great sorrow, we have to say goodbye to someone as important as him, that has been with us since the gestation of the shortfilm as can be seen in our teaser. Nevertheless this goodbye is accompanied by a happy hello! Because Enrique’s role will be finally played by the actor Francesco Carril.

This is, without a doubt, an incorporation that rounds up a high-class cast. Restless actor, educated, loves Bergman and Antonioni , Francesco took his formation in the States, Canada and Belgique and he belonged to the first year Classic Theater’s Young National Company. He is one of the season’s sensation: his name already sounds strongly to win the Best Revelation Actor’s Goya for his sensational leading role in the film Los Ilusos by Jonás Trueba, the latest Spanish cinema’s jewel. In this film he displays all his potential in a way that is as solid as spontaneous. For this work he has already received the Best Actor’s Prize at the International Movie Festival in Buenos Aires. Without a doubt, this prize will be the first of many to come.


The shooting is scheduled for September’s first week, this way the shortfilm will be ready to be released starting the year 2014. It will be then when the rewards will become a reality (except the one that offers a visit to the set, of course).


If you want to find out more about the project, you can visit www.epitafioselcorto.com or contact us in [email protected].

You can also follow us in our social profiles, where we will add information, photos, videos , stories, anecdotes and everything that will be generated around this production. You can follow us here:
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You can learn more about Estela Films trajectory in thewww.estelafilms.com


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    Vicente García-Delgado Segués

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    Estela Films

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    En un pueblo de Extremadura

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    Donde se va a rodar?

#02 / Sabina dibuja para Epitafios

Además de componer la canción del corto, Joaquín Sabina nos cede un dibujo con su firma y su dedicatoria para María Ballesteros, la directora de Epitafios.

Este dibujo irá estampado en las bolsas de tela y las camisetas que recibirán los mecenas que aporten 20 y 50 euros respectivamente.

#01 / Arturo Valls se incorpora al reparto de Epitafios

Un auténtico todoterreno, sin duda. El actor valenciano Arturo Valls se incorpora al equipo artístico de Epitafios en sustitución de Luis Bermejo, que ha tenido que apartarse del proyecto por motivos profesionales.

Arturo Valls disfruta de gran popularidad por sus trabajos como presentador de concursos (actualmente ¡Ahora caigo!, en Antena3) o como intérprete en series tan célebres como Cámera Café o Buenagente.

Arturo llega a Epitafios para interpretar el papel de Ricardo, de los tres hermanos protagonistas, el mayor, el que todavía sigue en el pueblo viviendo con su madre. Complaciente y optimista por necesidad, es extrovertido, inseguro y tremendamente culto.

¡¡ Bienvenido a bordo, Arturo !!

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