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Home - a documentary about loneliness and aging in a globalized world

"Home" is a documentary about the suffering and uprooting caused by globalization. It is a portrait of Lilia, a Colombian woman who has lived in eight countries throughout her life. Now growing older she more and more feels an identity limbo torn between worlds. Who is her family? Where is her home?


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At 65 years of age, Lilia has lived longer outside her native country than in Colombia. As a pioneer of mass globalization of the 70ies, she asks herself what her final destination will be after having lived in eight countries. She realizes that aging in a globalized society means to be confronted with loneliness.

This documentary tries to answer the questions: How is it to grow old in a world full of globetrotters? Who is family? What and where is home? As a documentarian and Lilia's daughter these questions leads me to take on a personal trip from Berlin to Portugal and Colombia.

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"HOME" is a documentary that reflects our rapidly aging society in a world and a time when more and more families live scattered throughout several countries. We are 214 million migrants around the world.

At the same time, "HOME" explores the possibility that the story of my mother could be the mirror of my generation's future - this generation of ours that knows no barriers or borders, that loves to travel, to live here, fall in love there, and then work someplace else. Is our future a lonely one?

It is through my Colombian mother Lilia and her life in Portugal that we begin to understand that aging is not just worrying about pensions, but about choosing how, where and with whom you would like to spend the last days in this world. But how do you decide if your family is far away and at the same time you are a foreigner in the country you live in?


Our "test shoot" in Portugal attracted the attention of many people. Within days, the video published in the magazine P3 had 3000 clicks!

Video P3


"HOME" is a documentary about globalization being developed in three countries : Germany , Portugal and Colombia . Its visual style is a mixture of animation and Full HD images.

These two aspects are the reason for the budget of the film being high.

We need 20 days of filming and every shooting day costs about 3500 Euros .

Apart from this there are also costs like: technical equipment (camera, lights, etc.) , legal advice, postage, telephone / communications, website.

So far the project, which we have been developing for eight months now, was financed entirely by me and by crew members.

BUT: now we need to reach the level of PRODUCTION and we have no resources left.

There are 214 million migrants in the world, so this documentary has great relevance for today's society.

Thats why we need you to be part of this project, so that together we help "HOME" get onto the screens. We can do this with YOUR help!

The campaign is an "all or nothing" campaign and lasts 40 days. That means we only have 40 days to reach the goal of 5000 Euro . If we don't achieve that goal, we will receive NOTHING and your contribution will NOT be charged . That is why we need ALL of your help. Each contribution will help, however small it is .

If we reach the 5000 Euro and the campaign is still active, we will try to reach the 7000 Euro benchmark.


2000 Euro - editing material recorded in June 2013

2000 Euro - development of animation

1000 Euro – website design

If the contributions made reach 7000 Euro, the remaining 2000 Euro will be used as followed :

1000 Euro - technical equipment for shooting
500 Euro - 2 flights to Portugal in March / April 2014
500 Euro - Legal advice


If we get funded thanks to this campaign, we will immediately start editing the material we've already recorded in Portugal. We are planing on finishing this edition in January / February 2014. This will help us convince potential co-producers and financiers of the visual and narrative strength of the project. In addition, we will develop the animation we want to develop thanks to your support.

In December we will design and then publish the website for the documentary.


All the perks are unique as we want to offer something special to those who believe in the project now that it most needs it!

The protagonist has prepared handmade decorations and we have typical shoulder bags from her home country, Colombia .

So hurry up because these rewards are limited! :-)

There are also other rewards such as posters or tickets for the Premiere.

!!! THANK YOU !!!!

Josephine Landertinger Forero


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  • Josephine


    almost 9 years

    Gracias por contactarme! Abrazos!

  • Ricardo Restrepo

    Ricardo Restrepo

    almost 9 years

    Hola Josephine...nos vimos corto en la proyección de Don Ca en Babylon. Este es mi correo. Abrazo


  • Josephine


    about 9 years

    Hi Mark, thank you for your willingness to help! Could you send more details to info@globaleyes-production.com ? Thank you!!

  • Mark Macedo

    Mark Macedo

    about 9 years

    Do you need website support. I do web design and have own server.

    Let me know

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#01 / First Day of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

thank you, thank you, thank you to you - the first and most important people in this adventure of crowdfunding :-)

YOU were the first and thus most important supporters and thanks to YOU the project has raised more than 1000 EUR in less than 24 hours!!!

So, there are "just" another 4000 EUR to go ;-)

Please keep spreading the word and thanks again for being part of this!!!




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#13 / Last Day of Crowdfunding

(español abajo)

There are 4 hours left of crowdfunding and we have reached our goal!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!! My Christmas wish has become reality!!!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYBODY WHO BELIEVED IN THIS CROWDFUNDING ADVENTURE AND TO ALL WHO BELIEVE IN THIS PROJECT!!!!!!

A very special thanks to: Edward Poveda and the Poveda Ríos family, Robert Landertinger, Pau-y Chow, Maria Boytscheff, Valeria Mouzas, Laura Bierling, María Clara Zúñiga and family, Carolina Zúñiga, singer-songwriter Maria Rui, Café Pêle-Mêle, to the magazines P3 (Portugal) and Sein (Germany), to the Colombian Embassy in Berlin, to Aritz Cirbián and the whole Verkami team.

And of course a huge thank you to each single person who contributed to this project and to all people who came and supported it at the Crowdfunding Soirée!!!

That makes us more than 100 people believing in this film. This is a huge motivation for me to keep on fighting for the story of 'HOME' to be told!!!!

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#12 / Day 36 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

thank you so much to all the people who have joined this crowd in the past days!!! There are only 4 days left and it's still a long way to go for it to be a successful campaign.

Please help me with this Christmas gift!

If you have family or friends, who might be interested in this film, please let them know about the project and tell them why you supported it!

If you work at a big company maybe some of your work colleagues would like to be part of this project, too!

Remember, it doesn't matter how much you can donate. Pledges start at 8 Euro! Every contribution counts!!!

Thank you for your efforts through these last days!!!

Here is the link to the Facebook Fanpage: >>>>



#11 / Day 32 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

the campaign is coming to an end - the last day is Dec 24th, Christmas Eve!! And hopefully you will help me to get the best Christmas gift ever: a successful campaign!

Today I was invited to speak about this project at the Colombian Embassy in Berlin. And the German magazine "Sein" published my article "Lost Generation":

Please remind your family and friends that there are only 8 days left to support the project!!!



#10 / Day 30 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

the countdown has started for this campaign to come to an end.

As we are still far from our goal, I need your help.

Please remind family, friends and acquaintances that there are only 10 days left for those who wish to support the campaign!

Thank you to everybody who has been part of this great adventure until now!!

All the best,


#09 / Day 22 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

thank you to everybody who attended the Soirée last night!

It was a great evening with music, laughter and (mulled) wine.

I really enjoyed it and thank you all for the great atmosphere and the enormous support!!!!

You can check out some pictures of the event here.

Also, I would like to remind you of our Thunderclap. By sharing this campaign at the same time, the Thunderclap will enable us to call the attention of more people to the project.

By the way, the Thunderclap was an idea of two of the backers of this campaign!! Thank you, guys!!!

Keep on spreading the word.

The countdown has started!!



#08 / Day 21 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

I've created a Thunderclap and would be great if you could spread the word about this campaign with the help of this link:


Thank you and see you tomorrow at the crowdfunding party!!!


#07 / Day 20 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

we are really busy preparing the great Crowdfunding Nikolaus Soirée that will take place of Friday in Berlin.

All donations made that night will go to this campaign!

Also, I would like to let you know that an interview done about "Home" has been nominated for a prize in Portugal.

Find out more about that here.

I know you're buy buying your Christmas gifts but please keep on spreading the word!!!

Thank you,


#04 / Day 15 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

I'm writing to tell you that I'm really excited!!!

We're continuously growing thanks to your effort from all of you around the globe!!

Also, there is a surprise coming up for the backers living in Berlin!

More news about that in the next few days.

Please keep spreading the word so the crowd can keep on growing and we can go "HOME" happily!! :-D

Have a nice day,


#03 / Day 7 of Crowdfunding

Hello dear Crowd,

what a great way to start a new day.

I just got news that HOME is featured in Verkami's newsletter!

That is excellent news for the project!

If you can think of more ways of giving visibility to the project, please get in touch with me.

Here are the links to the newsletter:
Deutsch >>>
English >>>

Hay a nice day!


#02 / Day 6 of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

as a thank you to all of you who have supported the project until now, I'm sending you a still of the material we shot in June.

It's a picture of my mother at the seaside in Oporto, Portugal.

We still have a long way to go until the end of the campaign.

As it is really important for the project for us to be able to edit the material we already have, I thank you all for spreading the word about this campaign!

Thank you so much!!!



#01 / First Day of Crowdfunding

Dear Crowd,

thank you, thank you, thank you to you - the first and most important people in this adventure of crowdfunding :-)

YOU were the first and thus most important supporters and thanks to YOU the project has raised more than 1000 EUR in less than 24 hours!!!

So, there are "just" another 4000 EUR to go ;-)

Please keep spreading the word and thanks again for being part of this!!!



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