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Experimental short film, much visual and artistic that makes a portrait of the modern consumist world promoted by mass media, and the impossible return to the traditional world without technology.


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A TV-woman and the submission of another one that satisfies all her consumist orders are the ingredients of SLAVE, a provocative and unusual short film that shows the consumist problem that we have everyday and that we are influenced through advertisments.

The appearance of a woman representing the traditional world will change the way of the story, remarking the impossible exit of this modern world that we are accustomed to, and the useless attempts of those who've tried to return to the traditional world without technology.


It's an experimental shortfilm that searches for a surrealistic and artistic image, with a lot of visual work, both in photography and artistic direction. The first sequence will be decorated with pc components, chips, cables, fuoresecent lights,... to represent technology as a whole. The TV-woman will be wearing a dress made of chips and electronic components. On the other side, the second sequence, the traditional one, changes the atrezzo completely into furniture and old objects made of wood, manual tools, etc.

This sets out a minimun budget of 800€ for decoration and photographic material. It will be recorded during the days of the 28th of april, 10th and 11th of may. At the moment we are using recycled material from old systems that we have picked up from people that gave it to us as a start to prepare the clothing of the TV-woman. We try to save the maximum possible amount of money, and the wardrobe of the slave will be borrowed, but there are some atrezzo and photography equipment that we can't acquire for free and that we have to rent or buy second hand.

Plasticine mockup of the first scene

Plasticine mockup of the second sequence

The short film will be dubbed into english and on the DVD it will be available in both languages: English and Spanish with subtitles.


Toto Wu, the slave.

Erika Lopez, the traditional-woman, and Veronika Ainhoa Loglio, the TV-woman

(Clickin in who you want, you can see its webpage and previous works)

-Direction, screenplay and production: Veronika Ainhoa Loglio (Zhoak)

-Direction asistant and production: Aida Lázaro

-Photography direction: Mael Santiago

-Gaffer: Javier Alvarez

-Camera guys: Benjamin Winter and Mir Esteba

-Color grading: Zhoak Photography

-Artistic direction and wardrobe: Veronika Ainhoa Loglio (Zhoak)

-Make up and hair: Erika Lopez, Nieldy Andressa

-Wood sculpting: Susangoth

-Scenography construction: Lluna Martí Fernández, Miguel Loglio, Marina Hardcastle, Carlos Castelli, Nieldy Andressa, Erika Lopez, Veronika Loglio

-Soundtrack: Adri Mena

-Special effects: Denis Veprev, Mael Santiago

-Edition: Aida Lázaro

-Sound: Misael Coll

-Video asistant: Guillermo Palacios

-Making of, distribution and advertisement: Carlos Castelli, Ingrid Llorens and Verónika A. Loglio


The music will be created by the musician Adri Mena, and here you can hear a teaser of it:

[Soundcloud item unavailable]


80% to art and photography (scene, photographic material, wardrobe,...)

10% to recording expenses (transport, food for actors and team)

10% to verkami expenses and rewards

In case we achieve more money than the minimun of 800€, we will use it for more scene material and better photographic material.


Recording: 26, 27 and 28 of april.

Ending of the project: July-august

Premiere in rooms and giving rewards: September


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