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Deconstruint el vi català (documental)

Deconstruint el vi català serà un documental sobre vi, territori i persones. Es tracta d'un projecte cultural i col·laboratiu que realitzem un equip de professionals joves i creatius amb els nostres recursos. Amb la teva ajuda podrem finalitzar el rodatge i a canvi tindras una recompensa.

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“Deconstructing Catalan Wine” is a cultural, collaborative and transmedia project. The centerpiece will be the documentary, the first ever made on Catalan wine. In the film our protagonist, Manuel, travels around the Catalan wine country (an area with 12 appellations of origin!) By car, by bike, on horseback, kayaking and even ballooning. From his experience we will see how the colors of the fields and the vineyards change, from winter pruning to harvest time. We shall discover landscapes, people and traditions where wine has left its mark. We will go to wineries, restaurants, museums, shops ... all of which are dedicated to winemaking, with their attachment to the land and the production of wines and cavas.

Ferran Adrià & Deconstruint el vi Català

We shall get to meet winemakers, winetasters, sommeliers, merchants, bloggers... wine lovers who will contrbute their point of view. They will share their experiences and personal stories, and show us that wine in Catalonia is much more than a mere beverage.

Our goal is to educate and promote thinking about wine through a fresh new approach. Wine is so ingrained in our culture and our traditions that it is impossible to understand Catalans without knowing about vineyards and wine. As Manuel Vazquez Montalban said, "a country that does not know its wines has an identity problem."

Follow us on: www.deconstruintelvicatala.cat, on Facebook and Twitter

Contact: [email protected]


55 minute documentary shot in HD in Catalan (also subtitled in Spanish and English). It will be an audiovisual project intended for the general public, with a main character leading the thread of the story. With a friendly tone and a brisk pace, the film wants to move away from the traditional documentary about wine. There will be narrative moments and contemplative ones, plus interviews with experts. The audiovisual language shall be intimate and entertaining, at times using fictional elements.


We are still filming the documentary (started in late 2010) using our own resources, but we need the help of sponsors and crowdfunders: institutions, broadcasters and individuals. We need to do more shooting: more interviews, on more areas of Catalonia. The funds will be used to cover travel, equipment and crew catering, in order to finish the shoots.


This documentary is born with the vocation of a collaborative project. We have included professionals and volunteers who make this project more important and more interesting. We continue to welcome collaborators such as experts, individuals or sponsors. We are open to more ideas for improving the project, which is still flexible enough to allow adding new concepts and perspectives. The centerpiece of this project is a documentary, but we shall also create other content in different formats that broaden the scope of the documentary.


The documentary will be under a Creative Commons license. What does this mean? The audiovisual project may be shown anywhere so long as 3 rules are abided by: that the authors’ names are mentioned, that no profit is made from it, and that it is not used in any other derived project. Why do we use this license? Because our project is a cultural and informational one, and because it is co-financed by social funds. We want to reach everyone, inside and outside Catalonia.


We are a team of young creative people coming from various disciplines, and we love what we do: Raul Deam (script writer and director), Manel Capdevila (content management and production), Javi Clavero and Isbac Caralt (picture and sound ), Sebas Mery (executive producer), Marçal Gabriel (post-production), Arantxa Nagore (web and graphic design), David Vizcarro and David Monblan (still photography), Paul Martin and Mon Roy (music), Elisava de la Hoz and Francesc Lluis Flores (transcription), Mike Tommasi (english translation). There are also a number of individuals, institutions and companies that support us.


  • Crowdfunders have until June 2012 to do visits to the wineries.
  • Vins de Catalunya does a quarterly selection of wines and cavas from the ones with the highest ratings in the Wines of Catalonia Guide.
  • We will ship DVDs and wine bottles to all of the Iberian Peninsula.
  • The DVDs include the documentary and bonus content: photos of the shooting, trailers, videos, etc..


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  • Daniel H.

    Daniel H.

    over 11 years


    Estoy lanzando una campaña de apoyo a proyectos interesantes para que puedan ser grabados en máxima calidad con las nuevas RED SCARLET-X


    Ánimo con vuestro proyecto!

  • Raúl Deamo i Manel Capdevila

    Raúl Deamo i Manel Capdevila

    over 11 years

    Qui vulgui samarreta + ampolla de vi només ha de fer dues aportacions, una per cada concepte. No hi ha una recompensa conjunta perque només podem oferir 30 ampolles de vi i en canvi les samarretes són ilimitades.

  • gvilaseca


    almost 12 years

    Ep, i una recompensa que combini una samarreta i una ampolla de vi? Jo l'agafaria!

#03 / Guia de vins de Catalunya (nova recompensa)

Vols la millor guia de vins del mercat? Si col·labores com a micromecenes al web rebràs, per un donatiu de 25 euros, la nova Guia de vins de Catalunya 2012Tot just ha sortit publicada i només en tenim 5 guies!

Pels que encara no conegueu la Guia de Vins de Catalunya, dir-vos que en Jordi Alcover i la Sílvia Naranjo (protagonistes també del documental) porten fent-la des de l'any 2008 i podem dir sense por d'equivocar-nos que a Catalunya no hi ha ningú que conegui tan bé els nostres vins. Cal comentar que el tast el fan a cegues i en grup per assegurar la neutralitat i qualitat de les puntuacions.  Ja fa quatre anys que comprem la seva guia i sempre que hem comprat els vins que recomana hem encertat.

Per elaborar la Guia de vins de Catalunya 2012 s'han tastat: 1.617 vins de Catalunya, 106 vins de la Catalunya Nord, 29 vins de l'Alguer i, com a novetat d'aquest any, 73 cerveses catalanes. I el més interessant de tot està a la secció "Ull de l'ocell".

#02 / La presentació va ser un èxit!

La presentació del projecte al Festival Most va ser tot un èxit! Van presentar l’acte dos dels protagonistes del documental, en Xavier Fornos (director del Vinseum) i en Josep M. Albet i Noya (viticultor i president de la D.O. Penedès). L’Albet i Noya va explicar el perquè del títol del documental i molt millor del que nosaltres haguessim fet… llàstima que no ho vam gravar. Entre els assistents també hi havia una bona part de l’equip del documental així com alguns col·laboradors. Vam compartir amb el públic l’origen, desenvolupament i estat actual del projecte mentre projectavem fotografies del rodatge que ens està portant per tota la geografia catalana.

També vam projectar en primicia un tràiler llarg amb entrevistes i un vídeo de la cançó “Va de vi” que formarà part de la banda sonora. Per últim vam explicar que el projecte s’està… read more
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