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Mist is back: new album

After a silence of about 7 years, Mist is back with a brand new album called The Loop of Love. 14 new songs about heartbreak and letting go, recorded and produced by Rick Treffers. You can pre-order the album (and more stuff) here and support the release of the album. Thanks for participating!


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Dear friends,

If you want to participate as a crowdfunder for the new Mist-album, this is the place to be.

Because after a break of almost 7 years, a new Mist-album is on its way. It's called The Loop of Love. I worked on the recording and production all through 2014 and now the time has come to give birth: mastering, pressing, manufacturing, designing, releasing, distributing and ... sharing it with you.

With your contribution through this crowdfunding website you make it possible for me to get everything started (and finished!). You will of course receive great rewards for doing so: the new album and more interesting rewards, such as one or two other new albums by Mist: Selection (a compilation and Underwater, an album with outtakes, live recordings, covers and b-sides.

The making of...

It’s been seven years since we made our last album, Period.

Making it split us up, literally. When it was done only half

of us were left. And then other projects came.

I hadn’t really thought of making a new Mist album until

suddenly new songs started popping up in 2013. So,

inevitably, I started recording, arranging and mixing them

together. I sent the first results to my Mist comrades Ivar

and Jeroen, who returned their support and cheers straight

off. Then I was sure a new album by Mist was about to be


Most part of it was made in Spain, where I live now. I

travelled to Madrid to record my friend Ana Béjar’s vocals

for Let’s Belong, Something New, Happy Man and Put It in

a Box. I visited home base Amsterdam, where Ivar, Jeroen

and I recorded several guitar, bass and keyboard parts. My

friend Antonio José Iglesias came over to my place to play

percussion and help with the rhythm programming. I asked

singer José Luis García, whom I know since his Manta Ray

days, to be my vocal counterpart on Counting to Ten. He

sent me his tracks by e-mail. So did my friend Theo Sieben

with his twelve string guitar parts for Love Is Coming.

During this process, Ivar, Jeroen and Antonio gave their

valued comments on the arrangements. By the end of 2014,

everything fell into place.

What will we do with your contribution?

With the funds raised, we can do the mastering in a good studio, the manufacturing of both CD and album cover, which will be a digipack in full colour. The cover design is done by Spanish designer Vicente Balbastre and is made out of stills from the first videoclip of the song Heartache, which I will share with you soon. Apart from the manufacturing of The Loop of Love, the money will also be used to make two other new CDs by Mist that are offered during this campaign: Selection y Underwater.

We decided to release the CD on Mist's own label Skipping Records. In these times of do it yourself, we think it's the right thing to do and it's also a way to keep in touch with the fans in a nice and direct way and to keep control over the rights of my music.

However, I can't do it alone completely. In order to promote the album on an international scale, I will hire professional promotion agencies, so that the new album will be played on the radio, reviewed in the mags and papers, etc. I will also invest the money in the making of several videoclips and I already hired some directors for that (in Spain and in The Netherlands).

How do I contribute to this project?

You can pay by creditcard or by PayPal. If you should find problems paying this way, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] to find another method of payment.

How do I get my reward?

It will be sent to your address, free of charge. You can also come to one of the shows in Spain and The Netherlands, which will be taking place in May. We'll hand them over to you personally! We will keep you posted about the dates.

Your rewards

Apart from the new CD with a personalized dedication or a digital file of the album, there is also the possibility to get hold of two other previously unreleased albums by Mist. Selection is a new compilation with 16 remastered versions of songs from the albums We Should Have Been Stars, Bye Bye and Period and Underwater is a previously unreleased album with outtakes, live takes, cover versions and b-sides. Both albums are available through this campaign. Underwater has been compiled exclusively for this campaign.

And there is more to get, house concerts, old CDs by Mist and Rick Treffers' solo projects, even total VIP-treatment....

The more funds we raise, the more we can promote Mist in the world and we may even make vinyl if we raise enough money for this.


It feels great to share the new album in such a direct way with all of you. I can't wait till it comes true. Lots of thanks in advance!

All the best,

Rick Treffers

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#03 / Mist: hemos llegado / doel bereikt / goal achieved

Dear mecenas / estimad@ mecenas / beste mecenas,

Gracias a tí hemos podido recaudar el dinero suficiento para llevar todo a cabo respecto a la nueva etapa de Mist. ¡Muchísimas gracias por tu apoyo! Pronto recibirás información sobre cómo y cuándo recibes tus recompensas.

Mede dankzij jou hebben we het benodigde geld opgehaald om de nieuwe fase van Mist te financieren. Ontzettend bedankt voor je steun! Spoedig ontvang je bericht over hoe en wanneer je jouw album(s) ontvangt.

Thanks to you we have been able to collect the money for a new period of Mist. Thank you very much! Soon you will receive information about how and when you will receive your award.

Saludos / groetjes / cheers,


#02 / Heartache (texto en holandés, in Dutch)

Toen dit liedje in augustus 2013 in mij opkwam had ik niet kunnen bevroeden dat het de openingstrack van het nieuwe Mist-album zou worden.

De eerste versie was namelijk nogal galmerig en op het agressieve af. Ik dacht: "Leuke melodie en zo, maar wat moet ik nou met zo'n bombastische hymne a la Manic Street Preachers? Vervolgens begon het grote schaven aan alle gegadigden voor de plaat. "Het nummer wordt steeds langzamer", vertelde een vriendin uit Valencia me nog nadat ik haar de zoveelste demo ter beluistering had gemaild. Langzaam of niet, de thematiek van de tekst, de frasering van de zang en de melancholie in de melodie van het nummer deden mij echter steeds heiliger gaan geloven in deze song. En gaandeweg, na veel polijsten, knippen, plakken, frutten en klooien met bliepjes, diverse snaregeluiden en gitaarmotiefjes, begon het geheelsteeds meer als Mist te klinken, al is de brug in het midden nogal a-typisch voor Mist.

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